Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pendrell: Done!

Well, this was a long time coming!


I'm on the fence about the end result, but I'm happy I did it because A) sometimes it's fun to be fearless and do things that scare you, and B) I learned a lot of things.

I only made a few alterations. First, I lowered the neckline. Very glad I did that. Second, I did an FBA and took in the waist/hips. Also very glad I did that. However, I regret lowering the full bust point. It seemed necessary on the muslin but was definitely unnecessary with the charmeuse - not sure if that's a difference in the behaviour of the fabric or if I simply "misread" my muslin. Oh well!

I'm relatively proud of my sewing, although it is sloppy in places. The neckline in particular. From a design standpoint, I wish the sleeve ruffles extended about two inches further down the front - so they would feel more like sleeves and less like... well, two ruffles perched on the top of a tank top. But that's just a personal comfort thing, not a criticism of the design.

Regarding the pattern: it is awesome! Such a refreshing change from working with The Big Three. Sewaholic (and all indie pattern companies) have my heart. Such a luxury.

So, overall, it's a bit of a wash. I'm not totally in love with it, but I learned so many things and I feel totally inspired to move on to the next! I'd love to make it again with the full-bust point restored and longer sleeve ruffles. But I think I'm going to try something new first!


  1. You've done a great job! The blouse looks great, I hope you make another one too.

  2. @Sue - thank you! For all my nitpicking, I actually very much enjoyed making up this pattern and I'm definitely going to do it again. I've even started thinking that maybe View A will suit me after all... hmm.

  3. Congrats on finishing! I think the blouse looks great! (I have still not posted my finished Pendrell - hopefully that will be next up for me). I really like the lowered neckline--wish I had done that. I'm thinking of trying View A too - the draped sleeves look a bit longer which I think I would like. Great job!

  4. It looks wonderful on you! Look at those ruffles! Gorgeous! I've really enjoyed following your journey to make this blouse.

  5. @Chrissy - thanks! Hopefully the next projects will be a little more efficient!