Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crisis: Averted

I went to cut out the pieces for my Pendrell 2.0 yesterday, and I nearly had a heart attack when I realized I hadn't purchased enough fabric! I'd taken the nice fellow at his word when he told me (the last time I was there) that the silks were 60". Although, perhaps I'm not being fair. In truth, I think what he said was that most of the silks were 60". Whoops!

So here I am with 44" fabric and only 2 metres of it, rather than the recommended 2.5 metres. Thankfully, it looks like the fabric requirements are generous because I was able to fit it all in - although it was definitely a tight fit!

So everything's now cut out and ready to go. I "re-drafted" the sleeve ruffle (and by "re-drafted" I mean "added an inch here and two inches there...") to see if I can get a little more of a sleeve this time around, but I figure if it doesn't work out I can just use the original pattern piece and cut it back down to size.

Sewing tonight!


  1. Phew! Can't wait to see your version of this blouse. Those bias cut sleeves take up quite a lot of fabric, don't they?

  2. Well it certainly limits your cutting options! I'm so happy I could fit it all in!