Monday, March 7, 2011

Pencil Skirts: How Do They Work?

I bought my first high-waisted pencil skirt today. This is a funny area in the style/fit department for me: I think pencil skirts work with my body type but I'm not sure high-waisted does. However, this little number was too cute to resist. I figured it was worth bringing it home to analyze.


I have to admit, I think I'm a bit guilty here of picking the most flattering photo I took. Let's call the above the best-case scenario. For comparison, here's one that demonstrates my issues with the high-waist:


Generally, my issue is the fact that I'm short-waisted. That, and my rather large/low bust, means that a high waist only sits about two inches below an empire waist... which I just don't think is all that flattering. To my eyes, it tends to make me look more busty and less slim... which is sort of the opposite effect you'd want a pencil skirt to have, non?


Now, all that being said - I'm still not sure I bought this skirt in the right size. It's sitting a smidge above my natural waist and it's pretty snug... I can sit down, but barely. I'm wondering now if I perhaps should go back and try a larger size... it may sit better on my waist and give me a little more length, at the risk of becoming frumpy in the hips/thighs. Hmm.



  1. I think it looks great, btw. If you can't sit easily though, gotta try another size. Or maybe another brand.

  2. Thanks - it's hard to be objective about myself sometimes. I think I'm going to try on a size bigger tomorrow and see how it goes, but it may just be a matter of my not being used to wearing this kind of thing. (I'm notoriously "low maintenance"... my love of sewing is more a love of crafting than a commitment to fashion! lol)

  3. i think it looks awesome too! i'm also short waisted, so i understand how you feel though! i never would say that your bust is low, but if you want a bit of 'lift' change (in town) carries a full range of sizes and are super good at fitting.
    ~fellow vancouver sewer :)

  4. @alice - thank you! And, you know, I'm a total novice at this fit and body analysis thing, so I'm not 100% sure about some of these things. With regard to my "low" bust, I don't mean that gravity has had its way yet, but just that maybe my bust is set low on my torso (i.e. the distance from the top of my shoulders to my bust is quite long... I usually have to wear straps on nearly the longest setting)... but then, that might just be a consequence of my bust being large? I'm not sure!

    And I LOVE change - that store is amazing!