Saturday, June 9, 2012


So, when life hands you lemons you're supposed to make lemonade. But mostly I just want to pick up a lemon and chuck it right back at life, hitting it square in the kisser. Or, you know, just cry about it. (Let's be honest.) Things aren't so bad, but the past week or two has been annoying exhausting and infuriating. In particular, I've started a new job which has a few, *ahem*, problems to overcome, and our building has developed a moth problem. Yes, you read that right, a moth problem. Clothes eating moths.


Thankfully, we caught it early and notified our landlord, who arranged for pest control to come take care of business. We only had a very small number of things really damaged. (Unfortunately, including my gifted vintage 100% cashmere sweater... *sob*.) However, I did lose the last three days of my freedom unemployment to running around purchasing vacuum storage bags and laundering every freaking textile in our house at the laundromat. THREE FULL DAYS peeps. (And a few hundred bucks, too.) I was not amused.

Anyway, pest control sprayed the building today and set traps, so HOPEFULLY the problem gets solved. I have no faith though... how do we know for sure that they're gone? When can we stop living out of plastic bags? When can I remove all the wool sweaters from my deep freeze?

Once again, I feel affirmed in my decision not to really stash wool or fabric. In fact, my small stash of quilting cotton (inherited from my mother) was culled to about 50% (at the end of a very long day 2 in the laundromat). I totally, TOTALLY understand all the positive feelings that come from stashing and don't judge anyone who does it - on the contrary, I get it. It's just that, for me, the negatives and risks completely outweigh the positives. I'd rather hoard small, un-infestable things like nail polish. (Don't you wish they sold nail polish in smaller bottles? There are so many pretty colours and I never use any of them in any significant quantity.)

So, I haven't been sewing too much, to say the least.

I have sewn a few non-clothing items lately, and I have to admit, I find it way more rewarding right now. I feel a bit accountable to this blog to continue with the clothing, and I know I want to, but honestly I kind of want to make simple, practical things these days. If I had the funds I would dive into quilting full-force, I think. And I have a (not no) secret idea about making "hope chest" items (i.e. baby items, long before any plans for babies happen in this household) which seems practical to me but I fear will seem crazy to others. (Thoughts?)

So, I guess the gist of it is: I'm not sure what direction my crafting and blogging will take in the near future, but I'm kind of excited to find out. That is, if the damn bugs will vacate the building already.