Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crescent Skirt Sew-Along: I'm In

I was so excited to see that Tasia at Sewaholic Patterns has released her newest pattern, the Crescent Skirt.


I debated whether or not to buy/make this pattern. On one hand, I love the gathers and the the slash pockets. (Pockets in dresses and skirts are my absolute favourite design detail.) On the other hand, the v-shaped yoke doesn't really sing to me, personally. However, after a little bit of thought I realized that changing the v-shape to a gentle curve won't be the hardest alternation in the world, so I went for it.

Actually, who am I kidding? It was definitely the announcement of the sew-along that sealed the deal!

I'm guessing from the size chart that I'll also have to grade the yoke from an 8 at the hips to a 10 at the waist, seeing as I'm not a pear, but that shouldn't be prohibitively challenging either. Definitely starting off with View B.


I'm excited to receive this pattern in the mail. Anyone else sewing along?


  1. I'm excited about the Crescent too! I'm planning to join the sew-a-long (particularly since I finally posted on my finished Pendrell). But I am kicking myself for missing the crescent presale! Oh well!

  2. It was down to the wire for me too! Snagged it on the last day.

    Your Pendrell turned out great!