Monday, January 3, 2011

Pendrell Blouse: Planning

I've decided that the Pendrell blouse will be my first 2011 project!


I'm definitely planning on making view B, modeled by the (local!) designer in this photo:

SSS Day 10 - Pendrell Blouse

View A is also cute on the designer, but I can tell that the large petal sleeves are a style I wouldn't be comfortable in:

SSS Day 5

(Isn't it funny how small changes can really make or break a style for you?)

I do have a few reservations about making up this pattern. Specifically, body shape. I'm an hourglass with a full bust, whereas Sewaholic patterns are designed specifically for pear shaped women. I figure that this shouldn't matter too much with this pattern, seeing as there's no lower half and I'm likely going to have to get used to doing full bust adjustments. However, there's also the styling to consider.

I generally avoid high neckline styles intuitively, although there are some exceptions to this rule. I find I don't mind high necklines as much if there is also length to balance it out. (You may remember my recent a-ha! moment in which I realized I'm short-waisted. I also suspect that I'm long from shoulder to bust, as I always have to wear my bra straps on nearly the longest length available - which may explain why I feel this need for length to balance a high neckline?)

I'm unsure at this point if I will feel the need to lower the neckline on the Pendrell - or if the length of the blouse will balance it out for me. But it's an adjustment I'm definitely preparing myself to make! (I do think it would look quite pretty with a scoop neck.) I've also been reading Fit For Real People in anticipation of the full bust adjustment, and I have to say that so far I'm on the bandwagon with regard to that book. I'm more of a visual/kinesthetic learner and I sometimes I have trouble understanding what to do from written instructions, but that book is very straightforward and I think I understand how to apply their methods. Here's hoping!

I had originally planned on making Sencha first, as I anticipate having to make fewer adjustments. However, I'm having a heck of a time finding the right fabric! But I know exactly what I want for Pendrell and where I'm going to get it, so it's jumped to the front of the queue. I'm going to pick up the fabric (and some muslin) after work tomorrow. I'm so excited!

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