Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sorbetto Redux


As my silence may have hinted, I've been in a bit of a sewing funk. Everything just started to feel like it was taking too long and not fitting correctly. Add in some shifting of life's priorities (i.e. amping up the job search, among other things) and I just let it take the back burner for a while. But I wanted to get myself out of the rut so I decided to take this pretty cotton/silk voile out of the cupboard and whip it into a quick Sorbetto.


Well, "quick" isn't really the right word. In truth, this thing took forever. Yet again, I struggled with moderation, made a ton of mistakes (sewing bindings on inside-out, etc), and ended up feeling like my whole day got sucked into sewing. (Because it did. 9:30am I was printing the pattern pieces, 10:30pm I was pressing the hem. Although, in fairness, there was some eating in there somewhere.)


But, ultimately there was success. First, it fits! Second, it fit with much less annoyance than the last time. I still fall between sizes. However, rather than making the larger size (like last time, as recommended by Colette) and then having to add a pleat in the back, I simply made the smaller size (size 8) and... that was it. Ta-da! It fits. I still had to lower/shorten the dart, add some length, and take an inch off the hips... but otherwise, it's pretty darn good.

(Actually, I ended up having to remove even more length from the dart this time... almost 2". Is that a large bust thing? I can't imagine that length of dart being appropriate on anybody... but then again, I guess I really only know my own body.)

These guys always get very curious about my photoshoots...

In a perfect world, I would figure out how to do a small FBA on this, as it it doesn't have much ease in the bust. I would also probably lower the neckline a little... as someone who generally wears either scandelously low necklines or crewnecks/boatnecks, this feels a bit in-between. However, I may just get used to it. Time will tell! Lest I sound negative, I actually think this might be the first truly wearable item I've sewn (pajama pants aside).

I've put myself on a rather strict unemployment budget so if I remain inspired to sew then it's time to get going on my Lonsdale and Bombshell... because they're the only projects I have the fabric for! Unless I cop out and finally make that apron I've been planning, but I can't find a pattern I like and I'm not feeling up to the task of drafting. (Which I realize is totally ridiculous, considering the simplicity of the project. I just want one project that's a straightforward cut-and-sew, you know?)

However, there will be knitting updates soon. The two secret projects will be gifted soon (and therefore no longer secret) and a pair of long-hibernating socks is now nearing the finish line. It seems the more sewing I do, the more it affirms my love of knitting. Comfort zones, I suppose.


  1. Kitty! :) Yeah, it takes me forever to whip a project together. I'm never sure how those Sew Weekly ladies sew a dress up in 2 hours. I love the fabric you chose! Looks great on you.

  2. i love the colour tone of ur blouse can u share the pattern please thx

  3. @Amanda - glad I'm not the only one! LOL

    @Lidia - thank you! My bad, I've added a link to the pattern in the post. You can find it here (it's free!):

  4. I love the new Sorbetto! I know what you mean about knitting-- I do enjoy sewing, but it's always a challenge and I struggle so much with fitting (and technique. and cutting. and, well, everything.). Knitting, on the other hand, is so enjoyable to me that I don't mind spending tons of time on a project. I always find myself staying up later than I mean to as I can't put down the project! And frogging doesn't depress me the way that sewing issues do.

  5. This is so pretty. Where did you get the fabric from ? It's gorgeous, I love these kind of watercolor prints.

  6. Your Sorbetto looks great! Beautiful fabric and the fit is very nice!

    Hopefully this will inspire me to break out of my own sewing funk and finish the fall/winter work dress I had hoped to be wearing already!

  7. It might have taken longetr but it looks gorgeous! And the cat is pretty gorgeous too ;)

  8. That's a beautiful version. Yeah, the Sorbetto is never a quick make for me either, despite the apparent simplicity. I find the bias tape attachment pretty time consuming.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @Sew on Trend - I bought the fabric locally, at a store called Fabricana. I'm not sure of its origins other than that, unfortunately!

    @Suzy - I know, right? I include them shamelessly because I want to show them off. This one in particular is quite photogenic (although I could never manage to snap a photo when he was actually checking out the camera!)

    @didyoumakethat - Definitely the bias tape steps for me as well. I've actually considered making a fully lined version just because it will eliminate that step. (I suppose facings might also work but those get finicky as well in my limited experience.)

  10. It's lovely! Congratulations on overcoming your issues :). I always have to do tons of fitting on Colette patterns, but they're worth it in the end (so far, anyway). Good luck with the mojo (knitting or sewing!) and the job hunting!

  11. What pretty fabric, I adore your Sorbetto.

  12. I hate to say it, but it makes me feel much better, knowing I am not the only one struggling.

    My compliments on your Sorbetto, it looks lovely...and yes the darts are enormous.

  13. So very pretty! And I love the last photo of you and kitty. It could be a painting.

  14. @Seraphinalina - thank you! I fell in love with this fabric at first sight. So perfect.

    @Anonymous - it always feels better to know we're not alone <3 Hope it gets better for you too! Thanks for the kind words!

    @liza jane - aw, thank you! I'm never sure if anyone likes my kitty photos or if I really am just a totally crazy cat lady, lol.

  15. it looks amazing! love your fabric choice.