Sunday, November 27, 2011



I started working on these socks back in April, but eventually put them away because I encountered a problem that I couldn't figure out how to fix. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I didn't know what the problem was. Often, I find putting away projects is exactly the thing you should do. Usually, by the time I pull them out again I've either given myself enough distance to gain perspective, or enough time to gain patience, or enough projects in between to gain the skills necessary to fix the problem.

In this case, what I ended up giving myself was anxiety, because I couldn't figure out where I'd put them! Thankfully, after a few weeks of looking I found them tucked safely away in a bag of sewing notions. Silly me. Anyway, upon bringing them out again I was able to see that I'd failed to wrap my short rows. Now, maybe one should just know that this is always a step in creating short rows, but I still don't really understand why they simply write "turn" instead of "wrap and turn." Would those few extra words be so hard to include? Anyway, I digress.


I managed to fix the problem by changing the setup row for the cuff, replacing all the Rlinc and Llinc increases with M1s. By doing this, I pulled up the strand below the hole and twisted it, filling in all the holes. It looks fine! The hardest thing was then going on to make the same mistake on purpose on the matching sock.

Ultimately? This pattern was so great! It's precise, mathematical, and knits up exceptionally fast. The "origami moment," as they call it, where you put together the heel is pretty satisfying. And the ergonomic toe fits SO comfortably. I really want to pick up two different, solid skeins of Koigu and knit a striped version. (Check out the most popular finished objects from this pattern in Ravelry... most of them are striped and they are beautiful!)

On another note, thanks for all your sympathy and suggestions on yesterday's post. I hope it was clear that it was a moment of frustration - really, they're lovely cats and there are some days where they are the thing that gets me through. I feel as if I should write a post telling you all about what makes them wonderful, to counter-balance the complaining about the naughty behaviour. But that would make me an extra crazy cat lady, wouldn't it?

Please, don't hate me.


  1. That photo and caption are hilarious and adorable. And I have a lot of respect for your ability to put things down and walk away until you have more perspective. I could use a bit of that philosophy.

  2. How could I even hate such cute furry things! I absolutely love animals and whatever mischief they came up too never takes that away from me. Mind you, at the moment all I have is two little gerbils whose only mischief is to dig around their home so bad I get saw dust on the entire room. But I know if they had access to my stash they would chew it, oh yes they would. But I would still love them :)

  3. @K.Line - well, before you give me too much credit, I usually throw a tempter-tantrum before stuffing it out of sight! LOL

    @Suzy - Exactly :) Even when they're driving me crazy, waking me up at all hours and destroying things, I always end up following up every frustrated thought with "... but I love you."

  4. Hey, I just saw that you're the member project of the week on BurdaStyle - Congrats! I looked at the thumbnail and thought the top looked familiar :) I love these socks too, really cool design!

  5. @melaniejennifer - Thank you!

    @Amanda - Thanks! And, thank you for letting me know about the feature!