Monday, October 17, 2011


I still don't have anything to report on the crafty front. Sewing machine is still in hibernation (a topic I may address in more detail in the future). Knitting is going strong, but the only finished objects I have to show off are super secret (for the time being).

However, I did have some photos I wanted to share with you. Last month I visited my hometown for the annual fall fair. I was sad to admit that, for me, it's lost a lot of its charm. It's smaller, the food's not as good, the horse show is nearly abandoned, there's no proper 4H competition (i.e. no showing of chickens and sheep) and there were NO PIGLETS. People, I look forward to seeing those piglets. But anyway.

On the bright side, there was some pretty stuff to see, and some cute stuff as well. For starters... how did I never know that my hometown has a spinning mill?! And right on the fair grounds to boot. A nice man showed us how it all works:


Inside the exhibition hall there was some inspiring knitting to be seen. I loved the texture of this scarf:


Over in the animal barn, while there may not have been piglets, I consoled myself by spending some time with this adorable calf:


Moving into the 4H barn, there were some very cute "kids say the darndest things" moments:

"My hobbies are playing with other rabbits, digging in [our] lawn, and running around."

"She loves grass and I love her."

And, finally... heading out for a walk from my Dad's house to my Grandma's house, only to run into these guys on the way out the driveway:


I really miss country living, folks.

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