Friday, December 31, 2010

Field Trip: Atex Fabrics

After picking out my patterns at Spool of Thread the other day, I started thinking more seriously about fabric. Off I went to Google and, lo and behold, there are a few more fabric stores in this city than I was previously aware of.

One in particular piqued my curiosity, so after work that same day I headed out to do some reconnaissance.


Atex Fabrics, also known as Designer Fabrics (which is the name on the sign above the door, should you be in the neighbourhood), is a small shop near Cambie and Hastings. This place was a little intimidating for a relative beginner like me. It's essentially a small warehouse space with shelves of 60" rolls of fabric down each wall. It definitely gives off a wholesale kind of vibe, and I almost wanted to skedaddle out of there before my newbie home sewist cover was blown.

That is, until I spoke to the shopkeeper (and owner), who was totally kind and friendly. I learned that, despite my suspicion of some bulk-purchase requirement, they will be happy to sell you as little as 0.2 meters of any fabric - and it seems like a great selection of fabric at that. Especially if you're into natural fibres - I spied plenty of 100% wool, silk, linen, and cotton - even with my untrained eyes.

I'm not savvy enough yet to weigh in on the prices, but after some more time on Google I'm inclined to say that they were quite good. They had a rainbow of different colours of 100% silk charmeuse for $13.95/meter (60" width) - I'll be doing some price comparing tomorrow, but I'm thinking this could be the fabric for the Pendrell blouse. The bonus? This place is only three blocks from my office, and one block from Dressew. Suddenly this is all becoming very convenient...

Fellow Vancouverites - If you haven't checked this place out yet, head on down!


  1. how wonderful to discover another vancouver sewer! atex is pretty awesome - though I was also very intimidated at first. a few months ago i returned, and i am crazy delighted with how cheap they are. and with their selection of knits! i had been stashing decent knits whenever I found them - a good weight/good drape knit being surprisingly hard to find!

    rocco down on fraser at 45th is also incredible for silks, though not as cheap as atex.

    have fun sewing! look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. Yay, Vancouver sewists unite! :D

    I'm dying to check out Rokko's, I've heard it's quite an adventure (and also perhaps overwhelming).

    If you're in the market for silks, Dressew has a nice selection of 100% silk on sale right now!