Monday, December 27, 2010



Once upon a time, this was a knitting blog. Although, I will admit, a rather quiet one. You see, the trouble with knitting - or, rather, the trouble with my knitting - is that it takes too long. At least, too long for the upkeep of a blog. So while I still love to knit, I shut this blog down for a while, unsure of what to do with it.

But lately, I've been puttering away on homemade Christmas gifts, and perusing my reference books, and ravenously reading sewing blogs... and *light bulb* - a sewing blog. Duh!

2011 is upon us, and I've decided to make resolutions this year. More on that to come, but lets just say that I'm going the SMART goal route this time. What does that mean for this blog? Well, it means that instead of making hollow and optimistic promises about my future sewing pursuits, I'll have a proper timeline to follow and progress to chart. What a novel idea!

If you'd like to follow me along the way, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Next up: The Plan. Stay tuned!

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