Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm a little under the weather, so it took me a day (and, uh, Tasia kindly pointing it out to me!) to notice that my Comfy Crescent is a featured project on the BurdaStyle homepage!


I have to admit, I'm totally shocked! I'm sure you could tell from the jokingly defensive tone of my post that I really expected everyone to think I was nuts in my fabric choice. But the response has been almost entirely positive :)

Anyway, I'm a little sad that I'm feeling so gross, because I had a few solid days to dedicate to sewing/knitting and instead I'm sort of lying around moaning and sniffling. Well, I am still getting things done, just much slower than normal!

Happily, I received the Lonsdale Dress pattern in the mail yesterday, and picked up the fabric to boot! I've been fretting over the bodice fit, but I finally committed and cut a muslin last night, so we'll see how that goes today. I also brought my old dressform up from storage, which so far has just resulted in a few startled moments in which I catch a glimpse of her in my peripheral vision and think that someone has broken into my apartment. I'm sure I'll get used to her, though.

I also signed up for Gertie's Sew Retro: The Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress course over at Craftsy, and used some of my low-energy sicky time to watch ahead. I've watched about 11 of the 15 videos so far and I have to say, it's worth every penny. If you're the sort of person who learns best by being shown, video learning is pretty much the best thing short of having Gertie in your sewing room with you :) Plus, she seems to be very quick in her responses to questions in the interactive forum. I've bought the fabric for this dress as well (and I'm SO excited about it!), but I'm still missing some supplies and angsting about the boning. But more on that later.

Hopefully, we are embarking on a summer of dresses. Wish me luck!


  1. congrats on internet fame!
    just really wanted to comment because i finally came up with a blog name and am stoked to share!

  2. I love it! Such a great name! Excited to read :)

  3. See now I want to get the Sew Retro course and I can't even begin to justify it. I mean I can sew a pretty pillow case...

  4. Yay for the summer of dresses! Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and congrats on being the featured BurdaStyle project-- you deserve it!

  5. Good luck. Luck to us all, actually. And, yes, that feature is how I found your blog. BurdaStyle is great for connecting sewing bloggers.

  6. Thanks guys!

    @nette - if you're a crafting nerd like me then the course is worth it just for entertainment value - I've gotten my money's worth just watching and I haven't even assembled my pattern yet!

  7. Holy moly! You are famous! Fantastic.

  8. Congratulations! And totally deserved :)