Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well, I've signed up for two sewalongs and Gertie's bombshell course, but I'm suddenly looking at my August schedule and realizing that there's no way any of that is going to happen. I have a wedding to finish planning and execute! I was hoping to at least get the Lonsdale done early, but then I got knocked down with that terrible cold and, well, we all know how much gets accomplished when you're sick.

On top of that, my computer bit the dust the other day. Seeing as I'm unemployed, I'm not planning on running out the door and replacing it. The magical trinket called the iPhone will keep me connected, but seeing as I have no way of getting photos from my camera (SLR) to the iPhone, let alone edit them, even if I do manage an FO in the coming weeks, I won't be able to photograph it! The thought of using an iPhone photo to show it to you sort of breaks my heart. (That, and my assistants don't have opposable thumbs and thus can't take the picture, unfortunately.)

I'm actually sort of curious to see what happens to my daily productivity without a computer. Seeing as I have Netflix and wireless on my iPhone, I'm thining plenty of time-wastage is still possible. In fact, it's sort of sad that I'll basically be able to do all the time-wasty things (internet, movies, twitter) but not the productive things (Lightroom, Microsoft Office). However, as someone who has had a fitful relationship with the internet and technology, I'm interested to see if the limitations of the tiny screen/keyboard help me be more discerning with my computer/internet time.

So basically, if my web presence is a little quieter for the month of August, that's why. But, rest assured, I'm still here.


  1. This happened to me too - my computer bit the dust the same week I got an iPhone, which essentially just meant that I was running down the battery on my phone doing all those time-wasty things ;)

  2. That's too bad that you won't be sewing along with all of us in August. Happy wedding planning, and good luck fixing the computer problem.

  3. Oh no! I will miss seeing your projects. But at least it will give you time to plan your wedding! Congrats!