Sunday, January 1, 2012

Patterns & Planning

I thought it might be wise to take stock of my dress patterns. Surprisingly, I have quite a few! I'll admit, I did impulsively purchase a few this year when they were on crazy sale. But I also have a small collection of vintage patterns which I inherited. I don't normally like stashing, but patterns are small and my collection still fits in a shoebox so I'm not too worried about it.

Before I dive into showing you everything I've got to work with, I wanted to highlight a pretty exciting discovery. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me post about my love of this little number, from Modcloth:


Well, I spotted this Butterick Retro reprint at the fabric store the other day. Pretty close, wouldn't you say?


I was pretty excited.

So, what else do I have to work with? First, there's the patterns I bought this year that I'm still pretty in love with:






Then, there's these, which kind of leave me kind of scratching my head about why I bought them. But hey, they might have some potential:




But the most exciting bunch is the inherited vintage. I actually originally had quite a few more, but I culled the collection a while ago. These are all in the 14-16-18 size range. Unfortunately, most of the ones I like best are 14-16 and my measurements indicate that I'm an 18 in vintage sizing (as opposed to a 16 by today's Big 4 standards). I'm not sure yet if it'll be possible for me to grade them up, but I'm sure I'll develop that skill sooner or later?

First, my very favourite. (Why, oh why does it have to be a size 14?):


And, all the rest:








(That last one is particularly awesome, isn't it?)

I think it's safe to say that it's unlikely I'll need to buy any more patterns this year! Especially if you consider that I also have to do the Lonsdale and the Bombshell dresses (for which I already have the fabric and everything).

I'm pretty excited to get going... right after I finish this skirt I'm working on. (More on that in a day or two!)


  1. Love all of these patterns & I'm completely jealous of your sewing awesomeness!!

  2. Some of those make me want to learn to sew.

  3. @melaniejennifer - I think I have yet to prove the awesomeness... most of what I made this year fits more into the "learning experience" category, lol. But thanks!

    @megan - you should!

  4. Some gorgeous patterns there. I can't wait to see what you do and how. With regards to the vintage patterns I would make a muslin first. I had always heard that vintage patterns run small so you have to make a size bigger than yours but in my experience they alwyas run big. Even if i get a bust 30 inches (which is smaller than my own measurements) it always ends up being big and I have to chop off a good amount from side seams.

  5. CUTE patterns! I have the vintage simplicity 6397 muumuu pattern too - I really want to make the cobalt blue version on the cover.
    ps. if you need inspiration for V8577 Jessica @Green Apples made a lovely version a while back

  6. What a stash! Love those patterns. Get sewing, missy.

  7. Soooooo I am a size 14 - any chance I could buy that pattern from you? It's gorgeous!!!

  8. @Suzy - that gives me hope that sizing them up might not be totally impossible! Thank you for the heads-up.

    @lazystitching - actually, now that you mention it, I think her version was the reason I bought the pattern! That, and it resembles a ready to wear dress I own and love in its contruction. But that pattern envelope drawing sure does leave me cold! (ps - want to do a muumuu sewalong? lol)

    @k-line - I am, I am!

    @Christina - the first one? Unfortunately I'm quite determined to make it work!

  9. Oh my gah, that vintage Butterick number is ADORABLE! I want it!! But I second what Suzy says-- make a muslin before you attempt any grading. I got lucky with a vintage pattern that was a size too small-- there was enough ease built into it that it actually fit perfectly without any adjustments!

    (Love all the patterns, btw! Looking forward to seeing them made up!)