Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sneak Preview


Crescent skirt is almost done! I'm dying to finish hemming it and show it off, but Mr. Modiste is back in town for four days so I'm a little short on spare time!

Rather than making a size larger, I heeded K.Line's advice from my Crescent Skirt Muslin post and simply made the waistband an inch narrower, cutting an it off at the top. The skirt still sits a little bit higher than I want it to, but not uncomfortably so. I followed the pattern to the letter and so I included the twill tape in the waistband, which I probably shouldn't have done. I know that's to prevent stretching and really, I wouldn't have minded a little ease at the waist! But I think it'll be okay.

I decided to try using lace hem facing, but in a moment of stupidity I left my iron on hot and melted a bunch of little holes into the border. My inner perfectionist is screaming at me to remove it and start again, but it doesn't compromise the integrity of the hem so I think I might try to silence that voice and just leave well enough alone. What do you think? Is it worth fixing?


Full post with details in the next few days!


  1. First off, I think it is beautiful! I would not take the lace off because I can barely see what you're talking about - it took me 30 seconds in a close up photo! Lord knows, it might be less lovely when you rip it all out and start again - you know how that can go. It's not affecting the integrity. I bet you anything, in a week you will love the skirt to bits and not even consider this issue again.

  2. You are so wise, as usual. Knowing me I would have tried to rip it off and made everything worse, lol!

  3. gorgeous fabric - it's going to look beautiful :)