Friday, February 11, 2011

Success, Blonde Moments, & Rookie Mistakes

Success: I found my fabric. Yay!

Blonde Moment: After some final muslin tweaking (and un-tweaking), I went ahead and cut out my fabric. Except, I somehow ended up following the layout instructions for a 45" instead of 60" fabric. (I think you guys all know what this means, but basically I didn't end up with enough length to cut both the front and back pieces on the fold.) Oops!

Rookie Mistake: Yes, as you might gather, I neglected to lay out ALL my pattern pieces before I started cutting. I blame my enthusiasm for trying out my rotary cutter and pattern weights, rather than messing around with pinning the slippery charmeuse. (And, my table isn't long enough to lay out 2 meters of fabric.) Ah well, sometimes we have to learn these lessons the hard way.


Bright Side: I still had enough fabric! Win! And, I was smart enough (or, you know, had the dumb luck) to cut the front piece on the fold before the back - meaning that the back will have an extra seam, but the front is unaltered by this mistake. (Yes, I remembered to add a seam allowance.) Double win! Also, Vancouver has been having a freaky dry-spell - which means that we've been having crazy static electricity. Amazingly, this helped keep the slippery charmeuse in place on the mat while cutting, and I didn't make a single cutting mistake. Triple win!

I'd say "all's well that ends well," but I still have the sewing to do, and I don't want to tempt fate here.

Wish me luck? I might need it!

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